Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sometimes raising a family is REALLY hard

     I travel down a busy highway to go to school everyday and my highlight of the day is couple of events . One event is that I get to pass over a lake , truly it's always beautiful always every day even in the storms it is beautiful. My other favorite site is a nest on top of a light pole that I have watched from its very first beginnings. I first noticed some native floridian spanish moss hanging from it, that was my first sighting of what will follow. Now remember I pass by this light pole which is at a busy intersection of a major highway here in Mt Dora. Then the next sighting was by far one of the most fascinating. Here I am sitting waiting for the light to change , then up from the tree flies this big bird with a 3 foot limb a fat limb at that in his mouth crossing the intersection in the air, he just lands and sorta drops the limb onto the pole that is now becoming a little bit more full with stuff on top. Yes you are right he was building his nest or his wife was. This began my saga of daily birdwatching at the light , I actually hope the light will stop me . lol Now time has gone by most times one bird sits on the nest the other perches just a few light poles away from the nest. They have gone through intense heat and two tropical storms and daily rain and thunderstorms here in florida for about the last month I mean every day it rains and storms with the heat so high.They have endeared all of this daily. They live in a nest perched upon a super high light pole looking down on lots of traffic daily this is their life and they are raising their babies.I finally got a peek at the babies yesterday while stopped at the light. It was an amazing moment in my life. I want a live feed cam up on that pole so I can see them better, they have become my inspiration for life this pair of Osprey's. The babies are getting big now I have seen them approach the edge of the nest and my heart is so scared for them gosh I hope they don't fall out. I continue to watch daily  this lil families struggle to survive in the wild on a high light pole that is probaly not more than two feet wide and a gazillions of miles off the ground , above exhaust fumes and intense weather conditions and still they thrive, they have adjusted to living in our world somehow and we get to share the wonder and the amazement of their struggle to survive .


prairiegirl said...

The ospreys are hard working, dependable, good parents! I keep an eye on a nest here as well. Never fails, every spring I get to see the new babies being fed fish from the river by good 'ol dad. And flap their wings when learning to fly. It's a sight that makes me smile. Your ospreys are challenged by the weather and where they chose to make their nest, for sure! Nice post.

Jill said...

And we think we have it tough some day! For most of nature it's a regular battle. Love that you take the time to enjoy the beauty of the lake and that you're rooting for the birds. :)