Friday, March 2, 2012

New Turquoise Earrings

Finally finished up a pair of new earrings for the etsy shop. Lately it seems to be so hard to ever get some bench time in the studio. I have been super busy studying at college which by the way I hate but have gotten over that little issue, I decided I really do need to go so chin up and get over yourself. Life is great lately except for a few health issues which will clear up or at settle down soon I hope. I am now determined to juggle everything which includes posting on this blog which I truly love to do. It's so much fun bringing you along with me on my adventures, life is never boring for me always something exciting going on. Well a couple of months back I talked about this book "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron if you don't have got to get it, its so inspirational for me and the theory does really work odd don't know how but it does. Now every morning you must these three dump pages actually I love them lets me get my day going without any emotional garbage hanging around. I have never experenced a artist block but I do know people who have this book is all into that and other stuff, I have way to many design ideas enough for at least two maybe three silversmiths. Frank and I did a little rearrainging in the studio last weekend hopefully we can do a little bit more this weekend I now have these fantastic shelves that I can put stuff on its wonderful. I have been working with some designs in earrings for a while now so this is the first of the group.
They are now available on the etsy site: There are several earrings that will be available as soon as I can finish them up. I am so seriously trying to clear the path for this design concept with an alligator skute involved. Gosh I love the Swamp People those folks are fearless almost as good as the Moonshiners but not quite and my all time Friday nite date is Goldrush where they dig for gold wouldn't that be fun to do. I hope that is the name of the show , not bad for a girl who doesn't watch TV. Anyhow on the making of the alligator skute pendant you will be joining me along with each process gonna be fun be there for it. Updates will be coming in the meantime if anyone can come up with a great name to call it let us all know here on the blog just leave a comment all comments on the name will be published, I promise no gators were killed in the making of this pendant , this is a fossilized alligator skute found in the Peace River here in Florida. So start thinking of a name for it. this is the components so far for the piece.

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