Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cooking is so good for the Soul

I love to cook hate to clean up afterwards umm yeah I am a messy cook but since I do the clean up I think its okay to be messy sane logic huh? Anyhow I love this recipe I have for homemade "Tomato Basil Soup" sometimes it a craving thing. Heres my recipe: Big Fat can of Tomato with Basil and organeo I thinks I use Hunts or Delmonte, fresh is better always use fresh in summer okay about a dozen of leaves of Fresh Basil (throw them in the blender, I do it this way then scrape them into sauce) Big container of Tomato Juice really big container. Throw all this into a processor and mix it together, then put it into a sauce pot, with a stick of real butter Yeah Paula Deen and a container of heavy cream yeah not a diet food here. simmer to whenever you can't wait any longer and eat it all up its great. Oh I also put some fresh grated from Sargentos artsian blend cheese. Great stuff.
On the what have I been doing recently well here are some pics made a pair of earrings for the site:
Also I have finally started destashing this unbelievable amount of jewelry supplies I have gathered so here is a little of them they are listed in the atticktreasures site which is my cabochon site where I sell my stones I make , these I didn't make but I was lucky enough to be in a situation to help out someone wnho was needing to sell supplies unfortunately due to health issues so we both came out winners of the deal and now I pass this on to others who are needing some stones for a Great Price. These are all real gemstones not lab created, or sythetics or anything way below prices of any supply house we order from.

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