Saturday, March 3, 2012

Super Saturday

Oh what a nice productive day I had today. I finally got some new earrings in the shop this weekend, hurrah! Just added this pair to the shop
Love this pair, will make a pair for myself for certain. I love earrings long dangle kind that swing when you move your head that kind and hoops love the hoops. I have been training our yellow lab some manners whew what a job once he turned a year old he went wild like crazy I am not going to listen to you wild. Well that's not cool when you have a 85 lb momma boy wanting to run wild. So last week we went to the feed store got a clicker thing, and some special dog treats just for training. he is doing so good really smart is my little blonde boy with his golden eyelashes he is so cute, even has these unbelievable golden eyes. He's learned to lay down and STAY put which was the main reason for training, he would run over you when you let him out. He's such an odd one, doesn't like being outside except to play or do his business, doesn't like water at all. told you odd duck and is never than 2 deet away from me at any time of day or night. Oh remember his name is Bubba /Baby Beast. Ideas flying like crazy in my head for jewelry but now its school study tme. I am on springbreak but I still have two test due as soon as we return. Stay tuned for more of Baby beast progress as he learns to behave and mind his manners.See Ya nancy

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