Friday, February 24, 2012

New Ring to the Nancycreations site on etsy

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This is a new ring that was just added to my collection on the site. I have long been a little intimated by setting faceted stones. These buggers are so much smaller than my usual huge stones and they like to fly all over the place when you try to set them. So I think I have it down now, only set faceted stones while sitting on the floor makes them easier to find. Must use the most powerful earwear you can find no matter what it is, duct tape a microscope to your forhead if necessary nothing is out of the question. A new experience this setting faceted stones, I enjoyed the experience not sure I want to do alot of it but maybe depends. This ring features a Peridot , August birthstone, made it in honor of St Paddys day, still miss the good old ST Paddy parade in Atlanta one year I am so off to the Savannah one which is supposed to be great. Add mardi gra to that wish list to. So much left to do in my life, places to go and see. Still looking for a good workshop for the summer , top leading places are Arrowmount, Penland and a cool one in California not sure yet where I am going , got to make a decision soon. I am so on for a class with Julia Woodman in Atlanta this summer may go hang with her at Penland, there is a forging workshop that looks promising. Decisions, yuck I have decided that since I go to college like a good girl I need to let my hair down at a artist class as well during the summer that's my reward for doing my homework like a good girl. On one last note check out these cool faces on this sculpture in the Manatee Art Center

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Tiger Bead Store, The Very Best Cats said...

Hi Nancy. You did a great job setting that stone. I like your comment about the best way to set a small stone is sitting on the floor so that it is easier to find. Quite funny.