Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Destash Time for Cloth Lovers Everywhere

Its that time I am on one of my destash clean outs, this time fabric is on the block. Lots of really cool vintage 1940's feed or flour sac fabric, the prints and colors are so wonderful I use to do alot of fiberarts back in time, when I actually had time. I was a quilter, well then silversmithing came along and out the quilting and doll making went. So I am going to start offering my unbelievable stash of some of the coolest fabrics on earth and Doll making books , tibetian sheep hair gosh all kinds of supplies for sale hey even some mixed medium items just lots of odds and ends to everyone on etsy in this shop which is a part of me too. lol I will let everyone I can think of know whats going to hit the site so you can check back for it, all reasonably priced man I just have to much stuff, now hey it's all organized not like on horders or anything like that I have to have some kind of order to the casa okay. heres a glimpse of what is now on the site please check back I will be updating as often as I can Please don't be shy contact me on the site for additional bargains on multiples of something or if you need a discount or what I am easy to get along with. truly.

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