Friday, February 24, 2012

Birthday Wish Continues

You what I find the most interesting about living in Florida is how visitors that come here really don't understand that if there is a body of water anywhere near where you are standing there's probaly a gator in it for real. Especially if you see this
This is why when in Florida you don't let your labs play in the water unless you want to feed a gator. People that live on the rivers here actually feed gators like they are ducks a big no no. These are wild animals , preditors, will eat you and your little dog Dorothy please be careful while visiting here. Florida is a beautiful wonderful place lovely weather great native people these Floridians I am one, come from generations of them. I see people walking their dogs near rivers , creeks , canals, lakes, ponds all the time not a good idea folks, so everyone coming to visit us here in Florida we do have gators here everywhere please be careful and keep Fido and Fifi on leashes and away from the water. The gator featured in these photos is one of five local gator residents at a great restaurant in Bradenton

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ooh. thanks for the warning! goodness, do people really ignore that sign? I guess people often underestimate the fearsome power of wild animals. I used to swim in the sea with my Lab without a second thought; I certainly wouldn't now! funny how stingrays, jellyfish and sharks just seem cute when one is fourteen.