Friday, February 24, 2012

Birthday Getaway for me

Well it comes every year that thing called "The Birthday" now lots of people get freaked out about this event, especially as the numbers on the cake get higher and higher. Well this was my 53rd, whatever. I jokingly have decided that every year I will pick a number any number that flips into my hear and for a year I will be that number. This year I am 47 okay sounds like a good number to be. This year my great present was a little get away to a jewelry workshop in Bradenton Florida, the first one I have done since I moved to Mt Dora. I found a great arts center in the Manatee Art Center .
This is a great center which has instructor Wendy Thurlow a fantastic artist who teaches there. The workshop I attended was all about finishing your jewelry not my strong point guess its that ADD thing to much buzzing going on in my head , ideas popping around to often. Here are some images from the workshop and the manatee center I highly recommend attending any workshops taught by her , she is very informative and shares lots of techniques and information with her students.I am so blessed to be attending another workshop with Wendy when the Aspiring Metalsmiths group on Etsy will have her teaching at our first ever retreat.

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