Friday, September 30, 2011

The Last Day in my lil Dollhouse

It's the morning of the last day in my dollhouse as I lovingly call it, I have really enjoyed living in it with all it's character. Today is the last day of packing and moving, this evening the truck will arrive and all will be loaded up on it to leave Jacksonville. I really do love this city as I fondly call it my little Atlanta which it reminds me alot of. The houses here are fantastic , of course if you have a bridge phobia not the city for you although I always found them so exciting. I packed my mini studio to go with me to the farm for a week until we find another house going to do some cool stuff there to keep me occupied , take lots of walks , and just relax this packing has been the pits man I hope I don't move again for a long time. Life offers you up so much info if you see it clearly. This experience has shown me that I definetly need to downsize my stuff, you know your stuff as we artist commonly call it , its our stash, our supplies that we bring into our studio because we simply like them they can be anything from big to little, dull to shiny, picked up in the street or even a store, just STUFF. My stuff consists of many things, fiber arts, metal arts, lapidary and now to add to the bunches leather arts one day I will combine all together and make on heck of a wall hanging of sorts with all incorporated into it.
Tonite the girls from the salon will get together with me for our last time together for a while , gosh I will miss them terribly they are the greatest of friends, not many salons can put a group of women together side by side and there is absolutely no friction between any of them they all love each other and wish the best for each other and quite simply are there for each other no matter what. Well its time to finish up what is left to do before the load up , see you at the farm.

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