Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Saturday Post at Night

     Ah the peaceful evening here at the homefront, not a usual thing around here remember I live with two dogs which one answers to the call of Baby Beast or Wee Beastie oh but he is adorable and sweet and of course my precious Daisy and lets don't forget the cat I saved who now only loves Frank and ignores me umm oh well. The days and  nights are filled with jewelry ideas fighting with fiber art designs inside my head in constant battle although as usual the jewelry mostly wins. I once again find myself wanting to try new techniques  and visit old ones that I have learned. I have a long list of wants this week new etchings, some new enameling, some new copper and brass pieces I have loads of ideas just wanting to be made into creations and please give me some feedback here gang tell me what you think of the designs and if you don't want me to post the comments thats ok I will not post them we can keep them private.
     I am so excited my baby girl is coming for a week long visit next week she is the sweetest girlie in the world even if she is all grown up and studying to become a nurse , she is one of the lucky people who to  has the ability to walk in both worlds she is also a wonderfully gifted artist can paint fantastic pictures . My two babies were blessed with all my mothers artistic talent me I only got a little compared to them. My son is a out of this world tatoo artist he is the greatest artist aswell fantastic at all mediums , makes me madly envious . Good evening to all of you

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