Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finally Half moved

Yes to some this may sound a little bit odd, but yes we are half moved . Actually we have arrived at the farm as most of you know I am seriously fond of here in Florida , this is where most of my ancestors came and settled besides Virginia. I was born and raised here along with all my siblings. Most children have a backyard mine was just a little bit bigger than most. Anyway this is my Home of homes in my lifetime. Its where I come to unwind and find myself when I get lost, it's my roosting spot, my sanctuary where I can find peace. We are staying until this wonderful realtor finds us a home that will not have any problems with 2 doggies. Then we will finish our journey to our new home. So tonite Frank finishes up his teaching at the local college here in Jax I am currently hanging out a Starbucks enjoying coffee and cake and catching up on my computer stuff. Got  a package delivered this week of some secret stuff that I can't wait to add in the shop for all of you to see of course you will see it first here. Yeah. I did bring a lil studio with me so I could work on some stuff here , this not having a studio is the pits I just handle life without some supplies on hand thats when creating gets a lil wacky and anything can develop. I am seriously going to have to destash when we finally get settled I love doing to many art forms , to many supplies to move around you wouldn't believe all the clear containers we moved seemed like thousands. Do you ever find you just can't limit yourself to one type of art medium, me I like to draw, paint, do collage, do fiber arts of all kinds. It just creates to many  supplies so I have decided to get rid of stuff. Maybe we can put our heads together and figure out a way to destash stuff to my fellow art buddies if you have a favorite type of art you do and want some additional supplies let me know maybe I can send some stuff to you perhaps.

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