Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Holiday Visit

     It was so wonderful this last weekend visit for the holiday. I took an extra day off from work and the fun began, I learned traveling with dogs is alot like traveling with kids, very busy. Got everything all packed up and off we went. We celebrated Kathy's birthday who is my sister with a BBQ and lots of fun and laughter, even the dogs had a blast playing with my daughter Crystals dogs. They love the country almost as much as everyone else does,it's so peaceful and calm there. On sunday my cousin had to plow  the fields of peanuts for harvest because the rains were coming in the next day. There is nothing like the smell of the fresh dirt of the earth brought to the surface it's a smell I never forget from growing up there. It was wonderful to take longs walks, enjoy morning coffee outside with a view of the earth meeting the sky. The quietness and peaceful sounds of the country side coming to life. The muscadine grapes are ready for picking so of course we had to savor some of them one day I hope to make some wine. Of course that southern tradition of eating boiled peanuts was on the menu of fun. It was just exactly what my soul needed to regroup and recharge .

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