Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Moving Time Again

     Yeah it's true time to pack up the studio's and move on towards Tavares FL. Now Tavares is near Mt Dora which is a great place lots of really cool shops as well as a fantastic Artist Co-Op which I found last month when I visited Mt Dora and guess what they loved my jewelry  and I am going to try to get into the Co-op. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Well first studio that got packed up was of course the Fiber Art studio, as you can see I did kind of sort of downsized the books and fabrics a little bit. Oh well. Bubba/Baby Beast has had enough already with this packing up stuff.

Fibert Art Studio Stuff

Daisy says this is way to much for her she will just take a much needed nap keeping up with mom is to tiring for her.

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