Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Pods in Progress

My lil pods continue to develop, their color has been added now the stamen is being put together, I couldn't stand it any longer I just had to polish them up and make them shiny , this was a hard decision to leave them matte or put a shine on them, the shine won. Oh well. now the stamens are a very pale pink druzy cabs , mine of course , free form sort a round set in high bezels don't know why but I thought this somehow fit the idea, I can not begin to tell you how long I have wanted to make these pods why who knows but time frame is forever they will be a part of my jewelry line, I can imagine all kinds of interesting things to do with them my mind is blazing with ideas, here is the latest photo's , I hope you have enjoyed coming along on this jewelry challenge with me, wait till you get  to see what we create in our next challenge , a lil hint its called the "Pink Cadillac" yeah for real interesting huh? So stay tune as we finish up this challenge hopefully tomorrow as it's my last day to cram for my math final and the last day to complete the challenge so it's work on the challenge take a break , study , take a break work on the challenge its going to be a long challenge, and then after my math test its on to the farm for a little R&R for a few days, got to get the blueberries ready for harvest time which is right around the corner, fresh blueberries my favorite. So check back in tomorrow as we finish up the challenge.  

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