Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the middle of Finals

Oh yes I am in the middle of finals at college, yuck is all I can say for that . Lots of studying , don't know if the newbies who have joined know but a quick update, let's see divorce after a 31 year marriage, on my own for the first time except when I was 18 for a couple of months. I was a hairstylist for part of my life and several other things and tried to do styling again but after a stint with back issues and reoccuring hand issues it was a no go. So with little tools in my toolbox of life I have started back to college at 53 years of age to be independent and to be able to support myself. That about sums it up except for the fact I have two wonderful children both in their 30's , a son who is a kick butt tattoo artist and a daughter who has two degree's one in technical and just got her second one in Nursing, she is now a registered nurse I am so proud of my kids, also have three grandsons . So yes this was my first finals in 10 years whew I have forgotten alot,but that's okay. Just finished up my finals in computer now  I am doing one in math next week.
Now the other half of my life is jewelry artist, silversmith, lapadairy fiberartist, you name it. I love the art side of my life its the best part, Alot of you have followed me on this crazy journey I am on and I always welcome new people with open arms and yes please comment I love comments , love to hear from people.

As most of you know I belong to this fantastic team on etsy called the AspringArtists, they are the greatest of folks we share so much of our lives together. We had a challenge thrown out to all of us to set Druzy, I have never set a druzy so of course I was up for the challenge, now for awhile I have wanted to make this special design in a pair of earrings so I am inviting you along for design , construction and hopeful the great outcome of the earrings these are the step I have taken so far in the challenge , 

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