Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ah the summer begins

Oh how I wish I could take off for the summer, maybe just jump in a  car and just travel like a gypsy. Go places I have always wanted to go to. As I get older I think of the famous 'bucket list". Do you have one ? There is so many things I want to do and places I want to go, gazillions of them. I think I should try to accomplish a few of them this summer , this is something I will have to ponder, now that I am a student and just doing my etsy shops money is really tight and darn it always seems to take money to do stuff doesn't it. I will have to think on this one. Maybe just one thing on my list something cheap there must be something. 
I haven't been spending much time in the studio lately. Still messing with my pods, I can't seem to get myself satisfied with them somehow. I look at them and now they seem big for earrings anyhow to me they do. but a group of them in a pendant would be cool, I saw something like them in a design thought way in a zine and I could join them for a pendant, interesting thought, but since I am not into to making replicas of something to many times that may present a problem, they are suppose to be fun an experiment not something to stress over.   The one thing I hope to be able to do this summer is some more experiments on techniques , I am such a mad scientist when it comes to jewelry. I love to experiment see how far my imagination will take me. Time of course is my enemy is it yours too? Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to successfully manage this wild beast called time. I have just started my summer semester in school and once again math is the demon class I have to take. I so wish I could start to enjoy it but not happening ever I don't think , now I do enjoy learning and mastering the formulas of how to solve something. I must admit to this, but since I have two more semsesters of it I had better adjust to it hadn't I. There is so much studying to be done in math class, every day one must give it its due time of study. The college where I go has a fantastic learning center which is where I always do my homework so if I get stuck there is a tutor to help out man is this a life saver. whew. and I have a study group which also helps. The problem is there is no extra time left over and I have picked up this horrible habit of watching Law and Order and all those other shows like that on TV , I don't ever watch TV so what is up with this? Its like brain dumping, no thoughts , just watch no brainer I am getting to like this to much, so no bench time . I must make time for my bench , maybe I need a schedule that could perhaps help. Do you have any ideas you could share with me I would greatly appreciate it if you would send them to me truly . So in the meantime I will just try to discipline myself to making a little bench time here and there this week. After all this is how I make my living , making stones and jewelry duh, Nancy get with it. lol

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