Friday, April 6, 2012

Still playing in the cabbing studio

     Today was a cabbing day, oh how I love those days, when I can just go into the zone and nothing else exists. My faithful dog babies hang with me in there while the breeze blows the leaves about for Bubba to give chase  which keeps him out of my rocks ( he like to carry them around in his mouth the nut, very dangerous some could harm him). Daisy just sits as good as gold never gets into anything oh how I love the quiet child, she is my treasure child. Today LULU which is what I call my cabbing machine she is old and tired but keeps on creating treasures with me especially now she has two new wheels to cut through rock with ,  anyhow she and I created some turquoise , drusy cobalto cabochons, hemimorphite druzy cabs, some beautiful BROWN moonstone which I love, weird considering brown is not a color I like to much . Although this is different I bought a couple of small slabs from a vendor at a show I went to. Little small slabs just to play with and some peach moonstone as well . These are fantastic I love them, they just glow and when you put them in the sunlight they have sparkle hidden deep in their depths like a special secret waiting for you to uncover, awesome wonderful pure delight. They were a stupendous find at the show.
     I really like turquoise its my favorite stone next to about a million other ones. lol I do actually sell cabs as well as jewelry in my sister shop Oh by the way umm see if you see a lil sea monster in the Rocky Butte jasper , I umm well see one but my teamies didn't so maybe it s my imagination which is always in full gear, do you see anything be honest let me know I am so interested in seeing if anyone sees him besides me , I see his bug eyes , nose and arms and the lil fins on his shoulders, oh well maybe I am the only one he shows himself too. 

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