Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Very Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone

Isn't Valentines day just the best day in the world. Lots of candy to eat and flowers everywhere in your home, little gifts and tokens of love and affection everywhere. Got to go and get Lil Daisy something for Valentines day tomorrow, although her newest toys Piglet and Tigger she is enjoying wonderfully, I think she still misses Bella but she seems okay just plays all the time. I am still working on a set of stacking rings to put on the site and finish up a new necklace in copper one of my friends at etsy wants to see so this week it's back in the jewelry studio again. Still working on my art a day projects need to find some time to post them so you can see them. Waiting on the pirate ship to arrive here in Jax this week to check it out hopefully Johnny Depp will be on board yeah right not likely.

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