Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Day for Baking Bread

Ah today was a day for baking bread. Last week I found a wonderful blog called UmberDove here on blogspot, and there was this great recipe for baking honey wheat bread which I truly didn't need on this diet I am on. Oh well, anyway the first batch my lil princess Daisy ate while it was rising

So on to another batch done today and it is delicious! And so easy to do, wow it makes three loaves and guess what she even makes Lemon jam also but unfortunately I didn't get in on the giveaway soon enough oh well maybe next time. She is a wonderful artist who creates these amazing birds gosh they are great, I am a birdwatcher I loe how they act with each other. So here is some pics of the process as I did it sorry but I am a messy cook but since I have to clean up it's okay. On the walls you will get a chance to see some of my fiber art works which is something I am trying to do again along with everything in the world. Oh well thats how it is with me.


The Noisy Plume: said...

They look PERFECT!!!

Sigh. I surely do miss bread....wheat bread, that is...


nancycreations said...

thankyou plume they were fantastic and so easy to make going to make your recipe next.