Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moving Forward thru Life

I go with the philosophy of "if life gives you lemons make some lemonade" and lately life is doing just that. I sit on the patio and enjoy the feel of the hot sun pouring over me through all my skin and into my bones. Hear the singing of the birds, feel the brush of the wind upon my skin like the caress of a lovers touch. Spring is coming thankfully I can now see it as well as feel it, the tulip tree in the front yard is showing her wonderful blooms for all to enjoy. When you feel mother nature really feel her power she seems so is so strong and forceful showering it everywhere for all of us to enjoy and feel and yes respect. As I set there I could feel the powerful sun soaking into me healing me making my back all better accepting the limitations now being forced on my being, acknowledging all the changes that are coming, challenges I must face and conquer. I have been diagnosed with sciatica which is simply a symptom of something not good going on in my back, I choose not to accept shots or surgery , instead I am going through physical therapy, weight loss, and exercising. What a wonderful time to heal this spring time going into summer with the sun and it's warmth as my constant companion on my journey.
Adding a little exercise to my life with my bronze friend here.

maybe jog over to the Maxwell House coffee factory for a little cuppa of coffee, although downtown Jacksonville you can smell the coffee beans baking gosh what a wonderful smell on a clear bright day.
Check out this fantastic piece of art, actually it's on an abandoned building those are old 33.3 records how great is this?
And how about driving out to do a little bit of shopping in this cool car, this was parked at a restaurant I ate at and I have this love for vintage cars man would I love to own this beauty.

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