Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday off spending it peacefully

Lately days have been spinning by so fast and quick, never enough time. I started my Art a day and am really enjoying the challenge of having to come up with something new everday a project to accomplish. Having a sense of achievement is so good and it makes one feel elated. I have chosen to make a schedule of the different mediums in art I wish to try out to seek knownledge I always feel as though I search for knownledge everywhere. Tomorrow will bring forth something new for each of us, enjoy it experience it acknowledge it and go forth on your own personal journey towards wherever it may take you. On the etsy site you will see a ring that has been added to my shop, I have also been trying the new techniques out that had once been taught to me, I hope you like it, the ring involves mixing metals silver and copper in this instance together to make a single piece of art .

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