Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wacky Wednesday On the BENCH

Well this weeks motto has been lets finish up old projects which I absolutely refuse to call UFO's, for whatever reason just sounds weird to me anyhow I am slowly working on getting things done. I have wanted to keep up working with the fusing idea thing yeah I am still obsessed with this technique, so in this picture you will see a sorta ring called "A Ring of NO Rhyme or Reason". Meaning it started off as an experiment in fusing silver onto copper well I oh Yes I decided that I wanted to use a thicker gauge of copper than I should have which actually soldered quite well. And then I decided to do a little warp checkerboard look using only sharpie which I will try this experiment again with the thinner gauge of copper like I was suppose to do and I think it will work. Well what should have actually happened is that the unmarked checks should have etched all the way down to the silver but it didn't , SO I once again decided to burr down to the silver which was kind of cool look which I will use again, SO I decided then to use the rolling mill to bring all the layer level which I should have not done because I lost most f my checkered pattern oh well, then turned the strip into a ring and since I have not dealt with brass before , SO I decided to add some brass balls to the ring and here she is the ring of no rhyme or reason but a heck of alot of fun with some simple scraps of silver and a day in the studio just going where the mind takes you sometimes . I will keep you up to date on the hurricane bracelet I am once again working on it soon I will add some stones and the seashell pieces if anyone has any info on fusing or making bimetal of any kind just email it to me please the brain is always looking for info , I have collected some already and am more than happy to share what I have with anyone who may need it .

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