Friday, October 15, 2010

Moving into the small world of jewelry

Well this has been a hard wacky week, I have come to the big decision to make some pretty little small jewelry to add to the shop on etsy. I have lots of people tell me to make stuff smaller so here's to you small jewelry lovers. It's just as challenging as making the large stuff but yet a little simplier, although I am a purist I will still make my own bezels not put bezel cups on my stuff, i want to fabricate my jewelry from scratch I know what a crazy idea. In the follwoing pictures you will see some pics of the new stuff, a set of rings to be added and some other neat cool pieces. I am still on the fusing journey and finishng up my Egor cuff which is becoming quite unique or at least I think this next week you will be seeing a step further into it's creation so stay tuned lets make some jewelry together wish we could all hang together in the studio and have some fun.

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