Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wondering Around Life

Have you ever found yourself kind of lost in a daze where time has simply slipped away? That's where I feel I have been, I have been so busy making cabachons and trying to learn how to take better pictures for the websites and reading alot of info on etsy about selling , then I slipped across this article that talked about relaxing and using the down time in your life to create and improve things and it's a great philosphy, so that's what I am now doing. I have been wanting to go back and redo some of the techniques I learned in silversmithing, practice some new ideas, so here we go we are offically starting now on this journey and you are welcome to come along with me, I will discuss what I am doing and show you some of the results, yeah the good ones and the bad ones, so join me on this journey.

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