Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Trying Tuesday

Yuck did you ever have a Monday on a Tuesday yesterday was so great simple peaceful and then whammy here comes Tuesday. My little darling Daisy has been a holy terror this morning, Chance crystals dog decided to go for a long run all by himself, thank goodness for work. I am heading into the cabbing studio today to do some more cabs and then to get started on doing some new stuff. This new stuff has been on my mind for a long time, to some it may seem backwards but you must always constantly be evolving as an artist or I think you become stale, so I have been stepping out of my box and going into different directions, for the last few weeks I have been entering into the world of wirewrapping so some heres a few of my creations in that regard, I use to do wirewrapping but with large wire so I decided to try smaller wire, where I will go with this who knows maybe nowhere it doesn't matter just an learning experience. Also some new cabs, finally got the cabbing equipment up and running.

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