Friday, March 26, 2010

Still working on the ring

Well you know how you design a piece and then somewhere it starts to take on a life of its own and you are no longer sticking to the original design umm that's starting to happen here folks, when i took classes my good friend amy rowe and i always laughed about how this would happen to us, and bless her heart HB our teacher would just look at us with that certain look like she knew here we go again.haha! Now the ring has decided it wants some wire on it and it still can't decide on the protection ring for the stone exactly how that is to look oh it will have the prongs but it thinks it wants a little extra something who knows what at this point. here's the latest pic of how things are proceeding.

DAISY UPDATE: Yesterday my precious Daisy puppy swallowed 14 sewing pins , the cats helped her out by getting my pin cushion off the sewing table, she has had to have surgery on her stomach to remove them , three are still in her they were unable to remove them couldnt find them except on the xray, they are mixed up in her food in her tummy so hopefully she will pass them okay , will keep you updated , I saw her today she is fine and happy so heres hoping all will be okay.

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