Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mt. Dora Art Stroll

     I will be participating in the Mt. Dora Art Stroll in Mt. Dora Fl on January 11th from 6-9pm. This will be the first show I have done since moving to Florida. The last few years have been full of changes and new experiences. I have gone through alot of personal drama and did the one thing I never thought I would do which is turn away from my art. It's really hard to try and create when your heart is broken even though you know deep down it will save you if you could just get it started again. Crazy huh? Have you had experiences like this? I am still working with learning new techniques that I will be sharing with you. I am now working with wire weaving. I want to take it  a step further and mesh it in with some metal forming techniques. I will be mainly working in copper and brass since this is a leaning experiment.I had a wonderful instructor Julia Woodman who always taught me to experiment in copper because it was so comparable to silver and cheaper to experiment with. I have long admired Biba Schutz  please take time and check out her work she is fantastic . I love what she does with metal. I am going at this technique totally self taught,  often I think that is a good way to go once you have a little experience in silversmithing it allows you such freedom with no rules to follow. So lets see where it takes me. 
   The earrings I made above are done in sterling silver wire. The instructions for these earrings was found in "step by step wire jewelry , spring addition 2008. There are all kinds of places online to buy tutorials and loads of additional information just use the search engine for wireweaving. Please check back as I further explore other design ideas and share them with you. 

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