Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update on adventures of my life


Well let's bring you up to date on the happenings in my life. I went to Mt.Dora a d did the Art Stroll. I was very dissapointed as well as the other artists that were there. Maybe next time it will be better, but I did get a Art Walk or Stroll experience and had a chance to meet some wonderful fellow artists.
     I am back in school, yeah. I really enjoy going to school and meet ng all the intersting people there. I find it so funny when people I know find out that I am in school at the ripe old age of 53. They are shocked say things like oh I could never do that and don't you feel out of place with all the kids. At school everyone is excepted they really are. The kids are so nice to me and are always willing to help me out if I need info or study with me. They are the greatest. So you can go back to school at any age and feel assured everyone will accept and you won't feel out of place.
     And the last bit of my news I am dating again. I have decided that after a six months hiatus that it was time to step up and try it out. I have started accepting invitations before that I declined and its sorta nice. I am still determined to take time for myself, break ups are hard especially when they are not your choosing and you haven't done anything to deserve them. Karma is all I can say just simply Karma. I truly believe in her and the fact the universe will right itself.
     So its off to another semester and life. I am determined to work on my jewelry again thinking colorful stones or maybe setting some more faceted stones we will see.

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