Friday, November 2, 2012

Trying out new things Project 1

This first project is STAMPING ON METAL:

20 ga copper scrap
stamping tools bought on etsy at
and another supplier I use
these are excellent suppliers highly recommend them!

Liver of sulphur in the bottle
hot water (warmed in the microwave then added LOS)

Brass hammer, I also use this one for punching out disks and dapping.

Here goes , cut the copper I just used a scrap I had since I am experimenting with this technique. I just randomly stamped the design now I know you can plan it all out and get it just so so and perfect but that"s not me. Sorry. I wondered about annealing the metal but thought that may have made the metal to soft to stamp on. Please always remember the hand should be at the end of the hammer when holding it to get the power from the blow to your object. I only hit once. I loved it.

Once the design was stamped I placed a cup of hot water in the microwave and heated it for 1 min , dropped in 5 or 6 drops of LOS(Liver of sulphur) into the cup and dropped in the practice piece. In just seconds it was black. I like using LOS lots of folks don't but I wanted the stamping to show up . Personally I use the green scrubby things you can get at the grocery store for removing the liver of sulphur and it also gives the metal a matte finish which I like instead of the shiny.

In the photos you can see the process I took ,
I see design ideas with this technique , If you have any questions please just ask and I will help if I can. 

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