Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Been a Moment in Time

Well finally I decided to reopen my blog. I know it's about time, Life often throws us little ups and downs and we learn to flow with them or mostly how to survive them. That's were I am surviving or at least making a heck of an attempt. I have moved once more how home to my farm where I am safe and secure, snuggled in the nature surrounding me . I am starting to pick at the jewelry supplies a little bit, feeling the pull and the lure of my bench. I just kind of brought all of it and just dumped it and tried to forget about it for a while. All artists know we must take a break from time to time, we are such emotional creatures and I think maybe a little bit more sensitive than most people. Our feelings are always so intense no half way measures for us, its full out total emotional impact. So I have picked myself up and dusted myself off, returned to cutting hair for a living, enrolled in college for the spring quarter. Now its time to do some jewelry. I think I am going to concentrate on the unique one of a kind stuff that I so like to make. I have bought some stamps lately may incorporate them into some designs we will see. I still want to flow with the southwest design ideas that constantly flow through my brain, begging to be created into jewelry. Gotta go dig out my stones I feel turquoise or maybe some chrysocolla coming out of the box to put into design elements. We will soon see.

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