Thursday, November 3, 2011

Working in the new Studio

 Well it's up and running full throttle. Oh there is still a little bit of stuff everywhere and my bench is still not organized but I couldn't wait any longer I had to get at it again. Feels like forever since I was working on the bench. So first I made these lil cuties now I did a photo shoot of the making of these and I will post them hopefully this weekend

I have an admission to make I am terrified of setting faceted stones I get all knotted up inside when it comes to setting them, now I don't mind making the settings for the designs just the actual setting of the stone. In the month of Novemember I am working setting these lil buggers as many .as I can . I am going to get through this trauma on way  or another . And now lets get started with ring 1. Okay heres the info , I really wanted to just jump in there and start hard settings first okay, umm any of you like this, just go ahead and do a hard setting then the rest should be easy  right? So I pick a Pear Shape stone of blue topaz, orginal design was for the band to start on each side of the stone, well that wasn't happening this time it just wasn't . So we when for under the setting on each side of the hole in the bottom. Which HB says we need to do I can't exactly remember why maybe to keep the stone clean or because it will cloudly otherwise I will have to ask her. Any how heres the results for ring 1.


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