Thursday, November 24, 2011

Having a Happy Thanksgiving

 Well we traveled no far to the Farm which is about and hour and a half away. There was my favoite uncle and his wife as well as my sis and brother and Franks brother and my daughter our long lost brother of course called and checked in as well as our cousin who is Uncles youngest child. complete with four dogs who just love each other and three cats and that is what we call a Thanksgiving feast. The feast was made by my brother and sis who live full time at the Farm and my daughter brought over mash potatoes, we brought along green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole. They cooked a huge turkey , dressing, sweet potato pie, pineapple upside down cake, pumpkin pie, waldorf salad gosh I am sure I have lefted something out but we ate and ate and ate some more. All of us had such a good time talking about old times and holidays past , Frank and Mike shared some of their holiday pasts, it was alot of fun and loads of laughter and teasing which has always been apart of our get togethers. We all felt the presence of Mom and Dad and how much they all enjoyed the holidays with all of us. I hope your holiday Have a wonderful weekend and get started on the Christmas shopping on where you will find loads of artistic handmade treasures for your loved ones as well as yourself and loads of goodies to decorate you home for the Christmas holiday, please try to shop handmade and purchase from artist instead of the mass produced items you see everywhere, some of our items may cost a little bit more but they will be handmade and as a artist myself our hearts and souls go into everything we create no matter what it is and you buying from us makes it an extra special holiday for us. I would like to extend my own personal Thank you for joining my blog and shopping at my etsy shop , this is one of my personal thank you's for the holidays.

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