Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Cabbing Studio Arrives

Yes that's right now all my treasures are here with me , Frank is calling me the Rock Troll , my daughter calls me a Leprakaun with her gold. Yeah I do like my rocks and stones and fossils treasures yes they are. Now comes the process of putting it together. Today was play hookie day and of we went to the art festival in Mt Dora.It was great, lots of people, bands played all day long, and I indulged in a funnelcake of course. This is home to some wonderful orange groves check out these right beside a Walmart Store can you believe it, isn't this great I am going to love living here. If you are ever in Florida Mt Dora is only 30 miles from Orlando come and check it out a very scenic little town and the people are so friendly full of southern hospitality.

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