Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Making of a Bamboo Trellis

Sometimes I think I will drive poor Frank crazy with all the wild ideas I have swirling around in my head. The other day I may a big decision to try to use up all my stash of STUFF I have here in the house so any new projects I start must be made out of existing STUFF. So spring is arriving and it's time to finally so up the patio and of course plant some tomatoes and that must include cherry tomates for my summer salads and the herb garden as well. Already Frank cooked a fantastic pork loin roast with fresh marojam and greek oraganoe from the herb garden which is in a fantastic old vintage iron rack found at our favorite antique store in little five points here in Jacksonville.

Gosh we are already rambling off the course of the title of the blog, I am so sorry, anyhow since I was going to plant the cherry tomatoes I needed a sunny spot for them now in my yard this is sorta a challenge. There is not alot of sunny spots which is actually fine with me, the patio is my little love my own special little place , so that is also the only place where there is a little bit of sun . So we went to get the cheery tomatoes, then I decided I wanted a trellis well Frank had already brought me some bamboo as I am going to make some chimes, so I used some off it for my trellis. I found the instructions online at the finegardening .com site which is a fantastic site by the way . Featured here is the process of putting it together  with the instructions from the site, I also used some old twine I had here hopefully it will hold up if not I can put something to make it hold up we have lots of resins, glues, etc here at this house.
The top couple of phots show you the making of the trellis , and yes I will advise you to use a table top it will save some on the back but not much. As you can see I  tied the trellis first on the sides on each row and then the middle before moving on to the sides.

In these photos you can the trellis in use with my lovely cherry tomato plants as well as some of the patio. The handsome garden assistant is my sweetie Frank , I truly love my little patio with its garden, it's very peaceful for morning coffee, and just relaxing after a long day, all it needs now is a little fountain hello mother's day everyone.

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