Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Day for Making Earring Cabochons

Finally I have slowed down long enough to make some earring cabochons, I have wanted to do this for so long but just simply been to busy. Do you ever get just way to busy to be able to accomplish something you really want to do. I am reading up on some information on time management. This is something I have a little problem with, there's just so much I want to do and experience in life that I am going to schedule some time frames and dates to do exactly that.
Today was the first day of trying this out, I got all my errands ran for the day, new sewing machine needles for the tshirt knit I am working with which was not doing so well with a regular needle on the sewing machine, got a new blouse and finally after much searching a new purse. For me searching for a purse is always a journey, looking for just the right one. I am choosy, I want a great looking purse for a cheap price, I usually shop for them at Marhshalls or Tj Maxx. I found it finally it's a SAK purse bluish black leather with alot of sassy style just for me. Thankfully the search is over for awhile. Tomorrow I will go visit my pals over at Follett and get my college books since I will only buy from them. I am really excited to hang with them for a short while.
Bubba is growing like a little weed getting very tall he is now up to 20 pounds and is definetly Franks baby. Daisy now loves him and he uses her as his favorite chew toy .

Earring Cabs I used a dopping stick with glue on them to make the cabs. rough cut the little slab, do your design, apply to stick. and get cabbing really that simple. And here are the results. I am practicing for now and will place some in the atticktreasures site on etsy soon.
So what do you think do you like them?

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