Monday, April 12, 2010

The Monday Morning Blues

Oh gosh it's Monday the start of another week, decisions on what to cab or to make jewelry instead ah decisions, decisions, etc.!!!! Yesterday as I was picking up sticks for my fire pit, oh that is another subject we will get out of the way , I have built myself a fire pit, a artsy fartsy firepit of sorts real easy to do just make a square with 4 cement blocks also you dig a little hole and whammy you got a fire pit redneck style or not selling any jewelry on etsy style at the moment. Then you recycle and clean up the yard at the same time by picking up all the sticks and burning them in the firepit. Okay now back to my original thought pattern, while enjoying picking up sticks I also noticed the wonderful surrounding in which I live and thought I would share it with you so here's some pics hope you enjoy them in the following pics you will see a) cow jewelry maybe a new thing for us jewelmakers, B) cow having a bad hair day just like us humans C) baby calf checking out the stalker (me) D) cows saying BYE end of the blog for the day haha!

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