Sunday, April 4, 2010

Grand Opening of

Well it's up and running hurray! I have finally gotten a site so everyone can get some cabochons for making jewelry. In Atlanta I opened shop in a wonderful jewelry supply shop with wonderful tools Just For Fun if you are ever there go check it out. Anyway I was there every Saturday to sell my cabochons and fossils well since I moved to Florida my old customers couldn't get my stones so I opened an additional site on etsy for them. The store is called AttickTreasures because I seem to be destined to purchase rock from collectors wives, seems like someone is always calling me to buy a loved ones treasures so thats why its called that. I must admit I love cabbing as much as silversmithing so I am enjoyed doing the stones again.
DAISY UPDATE; On Thursday Daisy will go to have her stitches removed it's been a long wait trust me I made her a new bone toy out of canvas cloth and then later I bought her a Easter toy , Then I decorated her surgery collar so it would be cutier sending you a picture, here it is.

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