Friday, April 9, 2010

The Cabochons are coimg to Atticktreasures

Oh I am so excited to be cabbing again, I have purchased some really great rough rock to cab to make some really cool cabs. Life it seems has to decided to connect me with all the widows of past cabbers to buy their treasures once again, I lucked up and got some really neat stuff in a box from a sweet lady who really didn't quite know what to do with her husbands stuff so I helped her sort through it and identify some of it and she allowed me to get first hand choice of it. He had a slab unfortunately only this one of ocean picture jasper it was so old the tape with its name had turned yellow, it came from British Columbia enclosed is a picture of it. The colors are wonderful and all I could think of was a perfect name for it because it does look like the ocean.I couldn't wait to do the first cab as you can see, I also purchased some pilabaro jasper which comes from Australia, the graphics are so bold on this stone very interesting and the colors are a mixture of bright oranges and golds and reds although some of the colors were somewhat muted so i cut that part off it didn't interest me. Here are some of the pictures you can see, these stones will be on the tonite to purchase plus some other ones. If it's okay with everyone I would like to ask you to please comment back and let me know how you feel about the stones, what size cabs you like , colors and that sort of thing, I know with the price of silver getting so much higher these days it has certainly made me downsize my jewelry somewhat but how about you let me know what you think please.

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