Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well my new life in florida has started i finally have gotten the intertnet again thanks to 2 weeks of waiting and a satellite company called something blue maybe blue moon or i dont know something blue. The house looks like a tracking center for ufo's here in floriday satellites everywhere on top of it for direct tv and internet. Life here in rural florida is going to be different. I have been stretching my horizons on the enameling thing, made a red heart for valentines day for etsy want to do some more stuff like it. I also attended my first ever actual knitting group met some wonderful ladies and a great little shop in town will send pics at next meeting i am going to like this i know now the knitting thing is a little different than what i am used to which is straight knitting with nubby kind of thread this is a softer ply yarn with a size 15 wooden knitting needles and am making a drop stitch scarf which i thought would be easy since i always drop stitches anyway so far so good we will see. disigned some new jewelry designs for etsy and the site preview tomorrow evening on etsy check it out!

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