Friday, January 15, 2010

Another week has ended

Ah another week has bit the dust. Went shopping with my sister found some cool little things at the really neat little thrift store called "Annie Johnson this n that store" in town then went for a great breakfast the the "Front Porch i saw pies that were at least 6 inches tall they looked great oh my goodness i wanted one but i resisted brakfast was really good complete with biscuits. Well crystal my daughter comes home from atlanta today i have really missed her but it gave me a little time alone to get some stuff unpacked i am finally hanging up clothes in the closet, hurray! Feel like i have just about settled in here and i am loving it just loving it let me tell you its great quiet and peaceful except for the neighbors wandering pot belly pig that it took 5 people to get home should have gotten some pics for you it was really funny, he wanted to stay here with us and not go home. Well the knitting is going pretty good i started increasing so i stopped by and they showed me how to get it all straigtned out thank goodness its such a cool little store. will send pics on tuesday to the post so you can meet all the girls and viola who owns the store.

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