Monday, October 26, 2009

Life on a Monday

Well i can already see it's Monday, kittens being born the last two girls are delivering thank goodness this is always such a stressful time for me you would think by now i would be use to it but no i still stress worrying in case anything could go wrong i know they must get tired of me checking them out to see how it is going.

On my way down to the studios to see what is on the agenda for the day, made a nice lariat turquoise necklace yesterday i like it alot may have to make me one of those it's on my etsy site

nancycreations. I am picking out stones for this weekend at JFF and will try to put up a few on the etsy site i am thinking fall colors and some graphic stones like the chinese writing stone that was featured in the necklace on the cover of the Jewelry Artist which showed a cool way to set a stone interesting . I am going to try to make something for the etsy site today in the jewelry studio and finish up some of those great UFO projects that are hanging around or at least make some chain .

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