Friday, October 30, 2009

Life's Getting Busy

Wow you guys life here is getting a little bit busy these days starting a new bracelet with my mentor Julia Woodman who is a fantastic lady with unbelieveable knownledge. She is so inspiring about teaching me to move the metal it's great lots of hammering gets out all your frustration. We are working on a reticulated silver bangle that is awesome.

Went and finally got some neat chains to go with the necklaces for so i will be posting some new ones hopefully tomorrow. Oh and had a great experience my friend Amy Rowe and i were eating breakfast at a local restaurant i was showing her some new earrings and the lady at the next table asked are you selling those , i sold her two pairs i am so excited hurrah! I will start posting some cabachons on the etsy site at some super prices i am restocking so i am trying to make some room for the new stones so there will some marked really economical for anyone who made need some new stones.

Featuring this week at JFF will be the Chinese Writing Stone and some small cabs for anyone who is looking for them due to the price of silver these days you will be able to get smaller stones with me for anyone who made need them, keep posted for the new stones that are coming out and keep an eye on the sale tray is going to have to get a little fuller to make way for the new stones that are coming out.

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