Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Choosing of Stones

About once a year i go on the big hunt that is for rocks thats what i consider big game, i travel sometimes far and wide looking for these rock and have met some really cool people along my travels and each year the hunt always seems to follow a theme one year it was red rocks for stones another year is was orbicular or rocks with dots on them and this last year it was graphic rocks and then as usual its always dino bone (dinosaur bone) and petrified palmwood and of course it goes without saying anything cool that catches my fancy. The trip is usually carried out in January or Febuary and one year its actually going to be Tuscon where my aunt lives (get to visit with her also) and shop till i drop it scares me a little to be honest like taking a junkie in a pharmacy and saying shop till you drop.Always something comes up and the trip gets cancelled so no more planning that trip one year i will just get in Big Red my dodge truck and just simply go or maybe rent a BIG Uhaul truck instead to bring back my treasures in or find a trucker with an empty 18 wheeler to bring it back scary huh ?So already i am thinking what will this years theme be.

Today is lets cut some stones day already have started on the Chinese Writing Stone got some new stuff in last week already designed ready to go. The article in Jewelry Artist featured an unusal way to set a cabachon may try it out this week and take it to JFF on saturday depends on the time frame. Most of you who know me know i love BIG stones and jewelry well due to the price of silver rising like crazy maybe i will have to rethink that a little so i have decided to start doing little stones too, and everyone is wanting them to so that is this weeks get done thing.
Now all of our favorite stones are going to be available in little form but lets dont get crazy earring stones may be possible at some point.

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