Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year A New Day

I start this day with heavy thoughts on where I want to go this year what I want to accomplish. When I returned to Florida a few years ago after a trying time in my life I came with a plan of action of things I wanted to accomplish to achieve and suceed at. I am not there yet but thats okay it's been a busy time with lots of changes in my life all good and happy ones. Making plans for next year sorry going to keep them private and quiet please allow me to stumble along through these plans by myself I thank you for your I thank you for your continued support it means alot to me. Please come along with me as I continue to create my jewelry and learn to ideas and techniques to share with you .Plus we will also investigate lots of other art mediums to try out and see what we think.
Here is a little thing I do, I started doing a little journal a few months back I write in it every morning have to do three pages started the Artist Way book try it out it actually has helped me dump alot of stuff every morning so I can get on with stuff I need to accomplish in my day. Try it you may enjoy it.

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