Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finally it's Normal Again

Did I ever mention one of the main reasons I love living in Florida is the warm weather umm that was not here last week. Man was it cold. But after a few days here comes the warm weather thank goodness. I finally got a chance to test out the studio in the colder weather with a few heaters it was warm and toasty in there. So I just settled in and starter working on some of the new projects I have been wanting to work on. I am always doodling new designs when I TRY to sit still and quiet for a few moments. I love to doodle do you doodle? I love swirls and dots and dashes all kinds of crazy doodles mainly doodle because I totally suck at drawing. I
would love to draw faces I love to do eyes which is my best drawing talent, now my son is fantastic so was my mom my daughter does great at drawing to. Why not me? Oh no but hey I can draw great eyes so it's alright. One day I will take a drawing class. But I love metalsmithing, forging etching all the cool techniques. Now finishing is another thing that is boring boring but necessary. Yesterday was my daughters birthday Happy Birthday Crystal. She will love this trust me. So here is a few of the new ideas I put into the shop.

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