Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Homemade Christmas

     As a child I always remember my mother planning what she was going to make for this aunt and that aunt, cooking loads of all different kinds of cookies and peanut butter and chocalate fudge, red velvet cake, fruitcake from this old 85 year old recipe. One of our aunts would have to read us the Night before Christmas story, Nanny would come my grandmother will loads of food, aunts would come tons of people were there. Loads of cousins to visit with we wouldn't see any other time of the year. It was truly wonderful. A Christmas house always in total chaos getting everything made for Christmas.
     I always gave my children as much of this as possible when they were growing up, I still hang their ornaments on the tree and they are now 32 and 29. Maybe this year I will give them to kids and let them start hanging them mmm maybe not hang on to those memories a little bit longer.
     So in my house now once Novemember arrives it drag out the paper and start planning who gets what for Christmas. Christmas cookies to make, the old fashion kind out of old cookie cutters that are vintage , with lots of icing and sprinkly stuff all over them. Drag out the old fruitcake recipe of moms. There will pj's to make since now everyone is so spoiled and wants them since I made them all a pair one Christmas. A quilt or two will be finished that's been worked on throughout the year. Scarves hand knitted since I learned to knit when my mom was passing in the hospital my 85 year old aunt showed me how. There may be some hats crocheted. Christmas decorations done I hope this year to make a Bay Leaf Cone tree for my dining room table. I will start a new tradition this year by making a tree ornament. I always make just about the same menu for the holidays my gang is spoiled they want umm get ready for this , potato salad and devil eggs must be there for every holiday meal. There will be at least a 20lb turkey cooked in mom's old roasting pot who knows how old that thing is. Of course the Macy's Parade will be on for everyone to comment on. Laughter , good times, stories of Christmas past will be shared from everyone just good holiday fun.
     My Christmas list is almost finished for the buying bunch, I really try to shop from the artist on etsy.com They have wonderful presents for everyone in my family, there's a fantastic journal maker who makes wonderful journals for $9, some of the greatest supply arts anywhere you could possibly find for that budding artist in the family. Loads of Vintage clothing , jewelry, decorator items, sandals, hair ribbons, stuff toys, babie items, loads of cool t shirts with star wars stuff on them gosh the list just goes on and on . Have a wonderful Christmas enjoy your families and good friends, eat and be merry, all of us artist here on etsy appreciate and honor the fact that you like our art and you take the time to purchase from us and tell us how much you like it by leaving a feedback which shows others we are good people and we treat folks right and you are not just another person you are a customer who likes us .

Tuesday, December 6, 2011December Blog Roll... Handmade Holidays!!
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Gayle Dowell said...

Great post Nancy. I love the holidays for the main reason that I have an excuse to make a lot of things, from gifts, to cards, to ornaments, to food! Best time of year. Merry Christmas to you!