Saturday, December 10, 2011

Having a Creative Time

I have just been creating away these last few weeks, working on all kinds of projects at one time which is usually how I operate on things around here. I am still trying to make my Memory Quilt of all the fabrics of all of my families lives from fabric that was in my mom's stash. Here is some more pieces and the process I chose to use to make them.
In addition to making the quilt I have been working on the cutest jacket for one of my grandsons, my daughter saw this jacket and described it to me and we found a picture of one like it and I created it for him. This was the final product of both our creative minds .
Then there was Turquoise rocks to cut and cleaned to prepare for cabbing. I love the ones with the ribbon in the middle these will be on this week.
And finally jewelry that was added to this week
I must say this week has been a busy week, enjoying myself in Mt Dora and being the most creative I think I have ever been, see you soon.

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