Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Nights Is not for just football

Oh it's Monday lets create something new. It is time to start to fill up the site on etsy time to move forward with new ideas, new designs taking form in the physical world and not just in my mind. Do you jewelry come to you in the middle of the night, do you notice iron work on buildings the cracks in the cement of the sidewalksomwhere. This is the little creator in your brain cells forcing its way out into the real world of your ideas. So let's start our journey this week. First stone out is a  bubble gum pink rhodinite., cut in a freeform triangular cut of course I did cut it so its bound to be a little unusual. I am thinking of components lots of cirlcles with texture, making of special tools to use in the creations , the drawing of the design I unfortunately do not own a scanner so I can't show the design. I have made the tool, a stamping tool. So the creation begins.

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