Friday, December 18, 2009

What a yucky day in atlanta

Yeah it's a rainy nite in georgia alright along with the day and did i mention really chilly yuck. Yes i am moving to florida next thursday christmas eve crystal my daughter will be helping me move along with my 15 siamese cats, 2 dogs which are just going for a road trip and a bunny names Barry White his first name my grandson aiden chose so naturally since hes white and barry white is one of my favorite singers was how he got his name and he is called barry white not just barry and will come when called very loveable he is waiting on aiden to return from hawaii in threee years. I am going to post our trip online complete with pictures and lots of interesting tales i am certain things always seem to happen to me when i do a road trip so join us along the way for all the fun and action i am sure it wont be boring haha.

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