Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello from the sicky poo one

Well I am feeling better thank goodness and thank you all for all the best wishes and stuff and Atlanta crew i will still see you every couple of months at Jff for a special visit and bring you lots of new cabs and you will be able to see them on the website as well as here on the blog i am making alot of new exciting plans for jewelry want to create some of the cool stuff that's been in the idea book to long needs to become real and not just a bunch of images in a book. Hey maybe i will take you along with me on their journey of construction that should be fun. Still packing stuff i have alot of art stuff never totally relized that until now whew stuff everywhere in boxes, crystal and i moved the persian carpets last nite we laughed so hard we now know what hit men goes through moving bodies in carpets like on tv whew it was not easy but we did have a lot of laughs out of it it was flopping all over the place even wrapped in plastic haha. The storage space is filling up fast i am thinking maybe should have gotten a larger one. My old house is starting to look empty loosing all of it's personality kind of sad in a way oh well life is all about change nothing does stay the same does it? New experiences ahead already planning on what shows to do in florida so much to do see you soon!

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Alicia Istanbul said...

Nancy, you should totally do a step-by-step photo blog entry, either about how you cut cabs or how you make a piece of jewelry. That would be cool to see. Hope you're feeling better! xo